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    Review: 7162 ROTOR

    Post  VBBN on Wed Jul 21, 2010 5:47 pm

    Welcome back, next up is a review of Rotor! Rotor is one of the two large bad-guy sets alongside Von Nebula (Vapour is as well but he comes with bulk so he's expensive. Really he's about the size of a medium set). So anyhow, I ordered Rotor here for $20 along with Meltdown. And I have to say,I was actually extremely happy with the set. I liked him, but I didn't think he would be as cool as he really is. Boy was I wrong, read on to see what makes this guy awesome!

    Set name: Rotor
    Set Number: 7162
    Price: 19.99$, 23,99(?) Euro
    Pieces: 145
    Year of release: 2010

    The Box


    Rotor's box is standard for most 20$ Bionicle villans. Rotor is flying, it shows the set info, and his name. Also shows is that Bionicle tribute logo that's on all the HF sets.


    The back shows Rotor fighting Surge and Bulk(Bulk is a busy guy!) Also shown are the set's funtions.



    As we open the box we are greeted by many things. First up are 4 bags of parts. Next, the instructions. FInally, we have the sticker sheet.


    Standard instructions. Unfortunatly,mine were a bit wrinkled.

    New pieces

    New pieces include his mask, which is very interesting in design. At first we thought he had no eyes. Personally I would have liked if those huge vents on the side of the face were his eyes, give him a very bug-like look. Anyways it fits over a Glatorian skull piece. Next we have the...well,I'm going to dub this the "Hero Factory Chunky Thing or HFCT" because I have no idea what to call it, in black. We also have what I assume to be a new technic bit, but I could be wrong since I didn't collect the vehicles or Technic sets. He also has that new pin with the flat head.

    Recolored pieces

    Like most of the villans, Rotorincludes a heafty amount of recolors. The zamor is a slightly darker shade than the one that came with meltdown. We have the Mata Nui/Ackar ankle guards in orange, the titan pistons in orange, the thoranx launcher in orange, the jet rockets in orange, and the inika shoulder armor in, take a guess, orange. We also have those tan stud-axles, and the Avtoran jetpack in the new silver.

    The New Silver

    Here is a picture to clear up the confusion we were having over the new silver. As you can see,it's much lighter than gunmetal and slightly darker than the old silver. It's really nice and looks less cheap.



    .Here is the start of his torso. As you can see, the new HFCT forms his chest armor. As I mentioned in my review of Meltdown, the stickers look good if you take the time to apply them correctly.


    The legs are a decent build and get quite bulky as you add more onto them. The orange pistons look really nice here.

    Legs added

    Armor gets added to them later.

    Arms and head added

    His arms use the HFCT like most of the Villans, and he uses a Glatorian skull. At this point he's about 12 inches tall.

    More torso

    This is where the Backpack starts to come together. Build on the rotors and put on some finishing touches and....

    Finished Set


    I'm going to go ahead and explain his gimmick. Essentially, his rotor can spin around freely, and it can pivot forward and back. As you move the pivot forward and back, his thrusters on the back move accordingly. Simple, yet effective.



    He has some good articulation, unlike his counterpart Von Nebula. His legs have great articulation and are very stable.

    Bonus Images

    Size comp

    He's really big. From his foot to the tip of the Rotor, he's 15 inches tall.,a nd he's really bulky.

    You feelin' lucky, punk?

    Overall, Rotor is yet another excellent figure from the Hero Factory line. His gimmick is fun and he has good articulation and parts. Unforutnatly, this is where my positve thoughts on the HF line stop. Von Nebula and the other villans are nowhere near as cool as the figures I have already reviewed. I don'tplan on picking up the other 3 heros or villans at this time, perhaps when they go on sale. However, I will be for sure picking up the Furno bike and Dropship set when I get some money together.

    Colors scheme- 9/10 (Not really a fan of halloween schemes )
    Parts- 9.5/10 (Would have liked a new weapon besides the jetpack gun. )
    Design- 10/10 (Fantastic Looking)
    Articulation- 9/10 (Again, the arms leave something to be desired)
    Quality- 9/10 (Instructions were wrinkled)

    Overall: 46.5/50 Excellent

    As always, questions,comments, and pic requests welcome!


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    Re:Review: 7162 ROTOR

    Post  CaptainLock on Thu Jul 22, 2010 7:02 am

    Nice review VBBN look like a cool set and is quite cheap.
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    Custom 333

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    Re: Review: 7162 ROTOR

    Post  Custom 333 on Thu Jul 22, 2010 3:48 pm

    You should whack down the rating for the eyes, if I buy it I'll customize it, because that looks like such a design failure.

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    Re: Review: 7162 ROTOR

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