Inkscape Tutorial


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    Inkscape Tutorial

    Post  Dutch on Wed Sep 08, 2010 11:05 pm

    Before you start designing decals we must cover the basics of Inkscape.

    -The Draw Bezier and Straight Lines

    After selecting this tool you want to left click to create a node and it'll take a couple nodes to create a rough outline of your shape. You may notice a red line this is to help you create your desired shape.

    *Video Help*

    -Edit Paths by Nodes

    Will help you refine your rough outline into the desired shape. Simply click Edit paths by nodes then select your outline and push or pull a line segment till it's correct.


    To move nodes around simply click edit paths by nodes. Select your outline,left click and hold on a node then drag your line.

    *Video Help*

    -Stroke Style
    Select the paint brush located on the top tool. A window should open and select stroke style. Make sure to click on your line. Topically 2.000 and 3.000 PX are the stranded line widths I use for all my decals.

    -Tools before we start.

    Mini Figure Template ?7ytquo59x8dazg6

    Lego Color Guild

    If you require any more help feel free to P.M me or leave a reply.

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