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    Chat Room Rules

    Post  Dutch on Wed Dec 01, 2010 8:34 pm

    Rules Punishment
    -Your username must be either (A)Yours, or (B) A name that can easily be identified as you. So, for example, if your username is GuyWhoLikePie44, but people call you Pie on the forums, then Pie would be an acceptable username. BUT IT HAS TO BE YOURS. No excessive name changes! Coming in under a false nick will result in an immediate kick by an OP.
    -OPs are the equivalent of Moderators and Administrators on the forums. They have a Gold star next to their name. Disrespecting, flaming, bashing, or annoying the OP may be grounds for being kicked, depending on the OP.
    -As we are an officially condoned branch of the Brick Ark, try to use proper English. We aren't hardnosed about it, but it's so much easier to read "Hey guys, what's up?", rather than "OHAI. WUTZ UP DUDE!!" So, try to speak normally.
    -There are to be absolutely no racist or sexist remarks in posts or regarding other members. (Note: This also includes just being abusive. Which is also called Flaming or Bashing. Remember we were all Newbies once.)
    -Do not spam. Spamming is defined as continual or repetitive posting, or flooding the chat with repeated/copy-pasted remarks.
    -Most swearing is accepted, the room is a place to socialize with other builders, but racist/homophobic remarks will NOT be tolerated.

    List of current Auto-Ops:
    -Hazard with a Glove

    OP rights
    -All staff have AOP. That includes Admins and Mods.
    -Respected Members have the write to have OP, but not AOP.


    Q: What is OP?
    A: It stands for Operator. The Operators are the Staff of the chat room. They have the power to kick, ban, and and maintain the chat room. They have a star next to there name.

    Q: How do I become an Op?
    A: You must be good with IRC and general But you are NOT supposed to ask for Op, so...

    Q: What is AOP?
    A: Auto-Operator. An AOP has the ability to get Op as soon as they sign into their registered nickname.

    A: What is NOP?
    Q: Never Operator. This makes it so when a user on the list gets Op, chanser takes it away instantly.

    Q: How do I register my username?
    A: I can not list off the steps here, so go to this link to find out.

    If you have more questions, please ask me or any other staff.

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