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    Review: 2192 Drilldozer  Empty Review: 2192 Drilldozer

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    before I begin I'd like to point out one thing about the pictures in my review, due to my camera's high exposure settins and the very shiney, deep, black that drilldozer has, the black turned out looking grainy(doesnt help I shot the photos early this morning either) So with that said, please keep in mind his armor is not sparkly like it appears, its very smooth black.


    Set name: Drilldozer
    Set number: 2192
    Pieces: 61
    Ages: 7-16


    |Part 1|The Box|

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    The boxes of this year's villains are the exact same size and styling of the series one villains. The front here shows Drilldozer in all of his glory. Like with all the hero factory sets, the colors of the package are simply stunning and deep, something I always enjoy.

    Review: 2192 Drilldozer  5290569048_85b978d5c6
    The back of the box follows the same style as last year's, showing drilldozer facing off against Nex 2.0.

    |Part 2|The Contents|

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    The instructions of the set. Im thankful to say I actually had to use them this time around, with the first series of HF sets and latter sets of Bionicle, I could do it with my eyes closed because the parts being used were so predicatble, but these are used differently in so many ways. Plus, I didnt know which way the armor went :grin:

    Review: 2192 Drilldozer  5290562890_62057f6746
    The limbs are a completely new system for all of the figures. And i shall say, they are SPLENDID. As you can see, both joints AND limbs were redone in the new style. They have more material to them, causin them to be stronger, and the balljoints have holes in them to reduce the shock of the connection. Lego was smart with what they did here, they fixed the ball AND the socket. This way, the new sockets wont snap when going on old ball joints, and old sockets wont snap when going onto the new joints. Well, at least not as easily as before. As you can see, there are a TON of different styles here, and about double this amount of other styles. And thats nt even taking into acount what other new ones we could see in coming years. Each limb has a balljoint on it in the middle, allowing for the new armor system to fit on.

    Review: 2192 Drilldozer  5290563260_8e7a488651
    Here is the new armor. I LOVE this new armor, it looks very smooth. Now the armor introduces two new ways of connection for Bionicle. The first, is the ball joint socket. You can see the connection in any other review, since I will be setting in a whole second wave of reviews for the second series of these guys I wont bother repeating everything that i said in the first wave. The second connection type, is the two-pronged hole system. The size of this hole iw wha viking horns, lightsaber bars, flames, and other such pieces with into, the same diameter of the inside of a Lego Minifigures hand. The good thing about these, is they are good and strong, so no more floppy pieces!(viking horns...ugh)
    Ive dne enough rambling, so lets focus on what we get in this set. First, two pieces are exclusive to this set so far, at least in this wave of sets. The black torso armor that looks like it belongs on the old Hockey Player sets, and the long silver armor piece. We also have some various armor bits, the "engine/turbine" piece in gunmetal, and what many people call the "corrupt" hero core or "villain core" In my opinion, its not really core, as there are more than one on the villains.

    |Printed Piece|
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    Heres the printed bit for Drilldozer

    |Other new bits|
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    Heres the other new parts with the set. I dont know if the red spike is new or not, I've never seen em before, I havent really followed system lately. The mask, the flame, torso, blade, and balljoint/phantoka connector hybrid are all new as well.

    |Reversed head|
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    The back of the head is Fire Lord's face

    |Old/Recolored Parts|
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    Didnt bother showing the technic bits it came with, nothing new there

    |Part 3|Building|

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    Very solid build, very sleek with the new armor.

    |Limb start|
    Review: 2192 Drilldozer  5289961327_eb14eed82c
    Beginning the legs

    |Arms and head|
    Review: 2192 Drilldozer  5289961535_d4c10e4814
    Assymetrical. Not liking the use of the silver armor chunk as a hand.

    |Armoring Up|
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    Adding armor, adds a great look to what would otherwise be very skeletal.

    |Part 4|Complete Set|

    Review: 2192 Drilldozer  5290565598_3ca9665185

    Review: 2192 Drilldozer  5290565958_a1c22e5e2b

    Review: 2192 Drilldozer  5289962863_ed9b34a4f5

    |Size Comp|
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    |Bulks unlucky day|
    Review: 2192 Drilldozer  5290567028_c46bcfacf2

    All in all, Drilldozer is a really nice figure. Out of all the villains, he was my least favorite at first, but hoestly he is my second favorite now, falling shortly behind Nitroblast. The dual mask doesnt bother me, and I really like the overal look of him. I think the Assymetry was pulled off well, and the new limb structure is excelelnt.Artculation is good, the double right arm is slightly annoying though. Bt, its extra limbs in my opinion, good for MOCs ;] Anyways, stay tuned for my next review, Nitro blast!

    Review: 2192 Drilldozer  5364107708_4fa4a865ef_o

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