Assault on Metru Nui


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    Assault on Metru Nui

    Post  VBBN on Sun Apr 18, 2010 12:19 am

    So first ofall, this willgo in hand to an epic I will be writing on BZPower. But heres a short summary of the story....

    So this goes back to 2006(the year the story was made, that is) Essentially, I'm talalking about the moment where the Piraka captured the Toa Nuva. A long time ago, The great beings created an army of battle suits. There are various classes,ranging from C1-C10. However, the more powerful the battle suit, the more energy is required. There are various "teams" of these bttle suits, known as "codes" Codes 1-Codes 5 were destroyed by Karzahni. However, Code 6 and Code 7 remained in storage. And now that the Toa Nuva were taken hostile, and the current toa in operation, the Inika,were on Voya Nui. Metru nui was left to it's inhabitants, and takanuva. The Dark hunters, angered by the Piraka's betrayal, also found this as an oportunity. So they sent out two teams of Bounty Hunters. One team was sent to Voya Nui to seek out the Piraka. They were unsuccessful,and died when Voya Nui sank. The other team was sent to Metru Nui, to destroy it. Takanuva couldn't take one of these dark hunters down, let alone a bounty of them. So when he was transferred to the shattered universe,he was never aware of what happened on metru nui. The Dark Hunters began tomove out to Metru Nui, and at that moment, 6 very powerful battlesuits came online.

    So, the 6 Battle suits belong to the CODE 6 TITANS, which you will find below...

    Torgahu C1

    Although Torgahu is the lowest rank of titan, a C1, he is still very poweful. His swords are supernova hot,and as such glow white hot, almost to the point of invisiblity.

    Leeku C2

    Most times, flying Titans remain a C1, because the flight abilities limit the energy that can be used for power weapons(most rely on swords and daggers), so Leeku can be considered a leader of the flying titans.

    Gaakh C3

    Gaakh may notlook very powerful, and he may be a shorter titan,however his right arm has the ability to expandinto any weapon,and it turns to solid protodermis. When he wantsto change it,it simply melts away and reforms.

    Oonki C4

    Despite his class being a relation to a real world explosive, Oonki packs a punch. He has an arsenal of weapons by his side. Ordinarily he would be a higher class of titan, however this suit has one flaw- No energy. It's simply exlplosive weaponry. As such, he has no power to his armor,so instead of having energy armor like the other titans, he has mass amounts of dull armor on him, making him very slow.

    Kukahli C5

    Kukahli doesn't have the most amazing of weapons, but his power is immense.To start, he controls ice. He can do anything with it. He can make a volcanoe shiver. And to top that, he has his mask. many say that he is the opposition to Jukafaski because both of them have what is known as "the eye" On hismask he has a telescopic viewfinder. This does everything. It is thermal, can seek the weakpoints in a target,the featurs of an area, even the information on something he is looking at. It is like a computer. He also has a normal optic in the mask,so it counter balances it.

    Pohuak C6

    Although Pohuak may now be the most armored Titan from the Code 6 team, he has some very powerful elements. He controls stone,and essentially the environment. He can create a hand of rock from a stone floor.

    And now for those who want to attack Metru Nui...
    Dark Hunters First Bounty Squad:

    Tragaki---Codename: Airborne

    A generic Dark Hunter solider, he has various flight packs around his body.

    Storgukki---Codename: Stonehedge

    Storgukki is very similar to Pohuak, he is different though because instead of creating hands of stone, he creates a wall of stone, that will rise very high and very wide, and dome around him and his allies, and a base of stone forms inside of it.

    Ikkisku---Codename: Lunatic

    Ikkisku has the codename of lunatic because he is immortal, or so it seems. He runs into the battle, barely any armor, barely any weaponry. He allows himself to be captured by the enemy. Then he implodes,destroying the surrounding area. And somehow, he walks out of the explosion, smoke, and dust, slighty banged up.

    Zagganar---Codename: Screech

    Screech doesn't refer to a noise that Zagganar makes, its the sound that his enemies make when his blade is to their throat and his electric spikes are jolting thoughout their body.

    Skirichi---Codename: Demon

    Skirichi is a hell-bent monster,who sometimes ets out of control. Before he left towards metru nui, he used to get into quarrels with the other Dark Hunters. He even challenged The Shadowed One once, and he came close to winning, however he called it quits after The Shadowed One,"knicked him."Now he leads the first bountry of dark hunters into battle.

    Flakku---Codename: Hothead

    Flakku likes fire. And he has a gun.

    Jukafaski---Codename: Destroyer

    Jukafaski is armed to the teeth. He is a walking weapon.

    Brahk and T-Jeskerax Submarine Vehicle

    Brahk is a very low armored Dark Hunter. However, he is an inventor. He creates very advanced pieces of technology. His submarine, the T-Jeskerax is his perosnal creation. It isn't just a submarine. It transforms...

    Brahjesk---Codename: Mecha

    ...And he combines with it, forming the Brahjesk. (I was able to get it soallyou have todo is detatch and reatach the mech arms to the normal robot arms,otherwise it fully transformers. Brahk folds up and connects inside of the main Mech as it unfolds.)

    Group shots:

    Size comp;

    Enjoy, more pics later, and I'lllet you allknow when the new fan fic goes live on BZPower.

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    Re: Assault on Metru Nui

    Post  Dutch on Sun Apr 18, 2010 12:29 am

    These deserve a spot in the front page. Wink

    Oonki C4 and Leeku C2 are my favorites and contagions to become the first to post a topic in the Lego Bionicle sub forum.

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    Re: Assault on Metru Nui

    Post  VBBN on Sun Apr 18, 2010 1:09 am

    Thanks for the front page-ing! Glad you like them, I MOC a lot so you'll see a lot from me over the next couple months.


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    Re: Assault on Metru Nui

    Post  Denal on Sun Apr 18, 2010 1:20 am

    Oh my gawd...These are amazing. I don't know how you make these kind of creations with Bionicles, but wow. Congrats on making it to the front page. Wink

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    Re:Assault on Metru Nui

    Post  CaptainLock on Sun Apr 18, 2010 9:15 am

    These are all amazing my favourite is Gaakh C3.

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    Re: Assault on Metru Nui

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