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    Post  TheMissingPiece on Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:18 am

    That's right! The second season of Brickpocalypse is about to begin, and with this new guide, you can get started right!

    Before you start, there are some things you need to know.
    1. This is not just a theme, but an epic story, detailing the struggles of the survivors of the Brickpocalypse.
    2. While everyone contributes, everyone needs to make sure their story is relevant to the main story.

    1: Sign Up. Can just post here saying "I, [insert username here] would like to join"
    2: Create a sig-fig! Just post in in the minifig customization sub-forum. No customs, please. Keep the minifig parts as common as possible for anyone who would like to create a MOC with your sig-fig in it. Bear in mind that we will try to keep your sigfig as accurate as possible.
    3: read the stories! Some other members and I will be posting stories of our own, and you can base your MOCs of these stories, or write your own!

    The main story will focus around these characters. The pictures are obciously not up to date, I will update them at a later date.

    Brickpocalypse-Related Media
    Writers or builders block? These bits of media will give you a good feel of the mood of Brickpocalypse.