Terminus: The Awakening to Disaster


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    Terminus: The Awakening to Disaster

    Post  Sabarrus on Tue Jun 21, 2011 1:10 pm

    Whoa when did this happen!?! Brick Ark is Back!? Fantastic!
    Rather late on this forum but I've started a Post Apoc story line. Be expecting more builds as the story progresses.

    The Awakening to Disaster
    Post-Apoc Creation

    Voice Log: 1A: Subject: A
    Hello? Is this thing on.....Alright sounds like it is...Well I better start....
    I am recording this for you Abigail because your one of the only names I remember at this point..Dear god..Have I gone insane?
    I awoke from what seemed to be a eternal sleep. My memory is in fragments...And so is the world. Besides seeing flashing lights and a glitching HUD when I cracked open my eyes, the landscape in front of me was disaster...The building which I was contained in seemed to have withstood years of hell only to be torn to shreds. But the Earth...The only plant life to be seen were weeds inching their way out of the dirt like lost souls reaching for life. The ground was covered in debris and what seemed to be toxic waste were spewed across the shallow ditches. I'm afraid to come to terms with what has happened...But I have to leave this wreck at some point..

    I've been meaning to try building this theme for some time, it has a nice mix of both technology and natural landscape. Enjoy and leave a comment below!

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    Re: Terminus: The Awakening to Disaster

    Post  Guest on Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:12 am

    Just to get the forum going a bit. Very nice1 I love all of your vigs and such. You are an excellent builder.

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