VBBN Reviews: 7169 Mark SURGE



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    VBBN Reviews: 7169 Mark SURGE

    Post  VBBN on Fri Jul 09, 2010 6:55 pm

    Set name: Mark SURGE
    Set Number: 7169
    Price: 7.99$, 6,33 Euro
    Pieces: 19
    Year of release: 2010

    The Canister


    Shows our Hero standing in a neat pose, as well as his name written in a scribbly style, similar to the one that the Piraka had. A Bionicle logo is present on there as well,to show that this uses the same system and such as Bionicle.


    Shows a silhouttte image of him, as well as his name. The other side doesnt have any of this on it.


    Shows him facing off against Corroder. Also, his head is shown to give a scale chart.


    Very similar to the star's lids.



    Look at them all! Lets inspect them more closely.

    Old Parts

    Yes, only 2 old parts! Well 3 if you count the other hand. The black socket pieces are not shown here because they are modified to not break. A slight visual chance near the socket is all really, but they are super tight and hold up very well.


    The new feet aren't bad, they have thuseters on the bottom. Only thing I find strange is the large ark in the center of them.

    Leg armor

    The Lego armor. Really nice and detailed,and they give the figure a look that is very different than Bionicle.

    Torso Bits

    A new torso and chest armor. The new torso is very MOCable, as it has plenty of connection points.

    Weapons and Core

    The weapons are nice looing electro pieces,that can be held seperatly or together in his hand to cover it completely. He can also use them like a staff,so they are quite versital. Also, his HERO Core is a trans yellow, which I find odd because his weapon and glatorian head are Neon Green.


    I like the mask a lot more than I thought I would, its actually possible to pull it off as being sinister.


    The limbs are very nice in comparison to our normal 90 degree av-toran limbs. Much easier to pose them. They also have some more useful connection points along the sides.



    Oh sweet Mata Nui, he's naked AND headless!

    Adding armor

    Starting to bulk up.


    Finished Set


    Very flexible design and he can show some more natural looking posed than the Bionicle figures could.

    Close Up

    Although it is slightly asymetrical, it looks far better than, say, the Mahri masks.

    Bonus Images

    Who will win?

    This also shows as a quick size comparison between your standard Agori build figure.


    Overall, this figure is a great step forwards for a Bioncile replacement line. He is very nice visually, and his articulation and mass amount of new pieces make it worth any Bionicle fan to give these guys a try. Personally I would recommend picking up a Rookie team member as opposed to an Alpha team member for your first set,as these guys don't have the horrid weapon arms.

    Colors scheme- 9/10 (The trans yellow hero core looks very out of place on him.)
    Parts- 9/10 (I still knock one off for him having only 19 parts, but the amount of new ones really makes up for it)
    Design- 10/10 (Fantastic Looking)
    Articulation- 8/10 (A lack of knees and elbows is still a major issue, especially since we saw so many of the limbs bent in the images of these guys.
    Quality- 9/10 (The silver is still peraly, which I dislike.)

    Overall: 45/50 Excellent

    As always, questions,comments, and pic requests welcome!

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    Re: VBBN Reviews: 7169 Mark SURGE

    Post  Dutch on Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:55 pm

    Very nice review and great photos of the set.

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    Re: VBBN Reviews: 7169 Mark SURGE

    Post  Seven on Sat Jul 10, 2010 8:24 am

    Agreed great review!
    I love the look of those electric weapons!

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    Re: VBBN Reviews: 7169 Mark SURGE

    Post  Biotoakid on Sat Jul 17, 2010 3:04 pm

    I bought him and while fiddling with him at the computer saw this

    My blue computer light made his weapons glow green!

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    Re: VBBN Reviews: 7169 Mark SURGE

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