Assault on Metru Nui By VBBN


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    Assault on Metru Nui By VBBN

    Post  Dutch on Sun Apr 18, 2010 12:36 am

    All I can say about VBBNs Bionicle creations is WOW and as well as making these creations VBBN gives us a well written story.

    So this goes back to 2006(the year the story was made, that is) Essentially, I'm talalking about the moment where the Piraka captured the Toa Nuva. A long time ago, The great beings created an army of battle suits. There are various classes,ranging from C1-C10. However, the more powerful the battle suit, the more energy is required. There are various "teams" of these bttle suits, known as "codes" Codes 1-Codes 5 were destroyed by Karzahni. However, Code 6 and Code 7 remained in storage. And now that the Toa Nuva were taken hostile, and the current toa in operation, the Inika,were on Voya Nui. Metru nui was left to it's inhabitants, and takanuva. The Dark hunters, angered by the Piraka's betrayal, also found this as an oportunity. So they sent out two teams of Bounty Hunters. One team was sent to Voya Nui to seek out the Piraka. They were unsuccessful,and died when Voya Nui sank. The other team was sent to Metru Nui, to destroy it. Takanuva couldn't take one of these dark hunters down, let alone a bounty of them. So when he was transferred to the shattered universe,he was never aware of what happened on metru nui. The Dark Hunters began tomove out to Metru Nui, and at that moment, 6 very powerful battlesuits came online.

    Head other their to discover more of this talented Builder< Linky

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