Brick Ark Mafia, Day 1



    Brick Ark Mafia, Day 1

    Post  Guest on Sat Aug 14, 2010 3:41 pm

    The residents of the peaceful town, Brick Ark, are now in danger. An evil crime syndicate is threatening the innocent townies! They want to take over Brick Ark. You must lynch each other to stop the Mafia from killing everyone in the night.

    Yea, the back story sucks. Sue me.
    1. There are two opposing sides in this game, the Mafia and the Innocent. The Mafia win when they outnumber the others. The Innocent win when they’ve vanquished all of the Mafia.
    2. Each day, the players will vote out one amongst them with a majority decision. To vote or to draw back your vote, you must use the following sentence in your post: vote: character/player or unvote: character/player. If you want to change your vote, you must first unvote before the second vote is calculated.
    3. Once the majority decision is reached, you cannot unvote the player in question anymore.
    4. Some/many (not all) players have special night actions that are explained in their Character PM.
    5. To use the actions, PM the Game Moderator (me) during a night phase.
    6. The Day-topics are meant for active players only, so do not post in them if you are already out of the game. The Discussion-topic is open to everybody.
    7. Do not edit your posts, because it is considered unfair to other players.
    8. Do not directly quote anything I’ve sent to you via PM. Use your own words, please.
    9. All out-of-character discussion must be kept in the Discussion-topic. Likewise, all talk about game tactics and roles must be kept in the Day-topics and PMs.

    1 Day will last 72 hours, or until no one has been lynched. You must stay in character in this thread.

    ...blah blah blah, you know what to do. Razz


    Re: Brick Ark Mafia, Day 1

    Post  Guest on Sun Aug 15, 2010 12:25 pm

    Unlocked. I decided not to have back stories.

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