2011 HERO Factory Rumor Thread


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    2011 HERO Factory Rumor Thread

    Post  Dutch on Fri Feb 25, 2011 2:51 am


    2063-1: Stormer 2.0
    Lead the heroes against the fire villains!

    Calling Alpha Team Leader! The Fire Lord's fiery minions are attacking off-world Tanker Station 22 and must be stopped! Its time for you to cool them down with your icicle blasting shield and ice blade that freezes everything it touches. Use the new headgear packed with sensors to command your team. Don't let us down! Headgear features head-up display with radar, GPS, thermal vision, object detection, camera, antenna and lights Shield includes shooting ice spikes and freezing super blade Stands 7' (18cm) tall

    2065-1: Furno 2.0
    Scout ahead to see what the fire villains are up to!

    Attention Furno! Code Red Emergency! The Fire Lord's minions are attacking an off-world refueling station. Scout ahead and find out what's really happening! Climb up high using your multi-tool and deploy your new headgear with thermo-vision goggles to see them through the smoke. Don't let them escape! Headgear features camera, antenna and goggles capable of switching between night and thermo-vision Shield includes rotating climbing hooks, cutting blades and ice power-up Includes yellow hero core chest plate Stands over 6' (17cm) tall

    2067-1: Evo 2.0
    Time to bring the heavy artillery into action!

    Code red alert! The fire villains are stealing our hero-pod fuel at Tanker Station 22. Only your brute strength can overpower them! Use your new headgear to see through the smoke and your upgraded shield with double-barrel ice cannon to cool them down. Time to teach them a lesson they'll never forget! Headgear features heavy-duty breathing apparatus, plated facial armor, camera and antenna Shield includes double-barrel ice cannon and utility claw Includes purple hero core chest plate Stands over 6' (17cm) tall

    2068-1: Nex 2.0
    Stop the hero-fuel tanks from exploding!

    Calling Nex! The fire villains are attacking deep space Tanker Station 22 and fire is sweeping the facility! You must act quickly to repair the damage. Use your new headgear to keep an eye on the villains, and your high-tech mutli-tool with cutting blade to repair the damage. Only you can save the station! Headgear features detachable cutting blade and pliers, rear facing motion sensors, camera and antenna Shield includes pneumatic pincers, super-hard steel cutting blades and ice power-up Includes dark green hero core chest plate Stands over 6' (17cm) tall

    2141-1: Surge 2.0
    Take the fire villains on from afar!

    Attention Surge! Deep space Tanker Station 22 is under attack by the Fire Lord and his band of hot-headed villains. You can't get too close without detection so use your new headgear with long distance thermo scope and built-in motion sensor to shoot your spears from long distances with great precision. They won't even know what hit them! Headgear features long-distance thermo scope, motion sensor, camera and antenna Combi-tool includes long-distance ice spears and climbing hook Includes light green hero core chest plate Stands over 6' (17cm) tall

    2142-1: Breez 2.0
    Creep up on the fire villains without being detected!

    Hero Breez, report in immediately! Off-world Tanker Station 22 is being taken over by the flame gulping fire villains. Use your stealthy new gear to sneak in close without detection. Then use your multi-tool with hand-held blades to teach them who's boss! They won't even see you coming! Headgear features eye protection, camera and antenna Includes detachable throwing blades, hooks, cable-cutting blades and a lava-cutting circular blade Features red hero core chest plate Stands over 6' (17cm) tall


    2192-1: Drilldozer
    Drill your way into the tanker station!

    Attenton heroes! Drilldozer is breaking his way into off-world Tanker Station 22 using his multi-tooth turbine-powered drill. He's not only the strongest of the Fire Lord's minions, but he's even more dangerous with his armor plating, red-hot molten spikes, razor-sharp claws and a lava sphere shooter! He's one tough cookie, so watch out! Use the turbine-powered drill and razor sharp hand-held claw to dig into anything! Protected with heavy armor plating Fire at the heroes with shoulder-mounted lava sphere shooter! Stands over 8' (21cm) tall

    2193-1: Jetbug
    Steal the fuel and leave the heroes in the dust!

    Urgent! Jetbug and the other fire villains are attacking Tanker Station 22. If he's not stopped, he will fly off with the hero-pod fuel using his powerful back-mounted jet engines. Watch out for his razor-sharp pincers and do not let him start his jet engines or we'll never be able to catch him! Fire up the back-mounted jet engines to escape even the fastest hero! Armed with razor-sharp pincers and hand-held lava sphere shooter Equipped with steel-piercing mandibles and red-hot lava spikes Stands over 7' (19cm) tall

    2194-1: Nitroblast

    Blast through any security system or vault!

    Danger! Nitroblast has been spotted breaking into the security system at Tanker Station 22. If he shuts it down, the fire villains will be able to steal the hero-fuel! He can access any security system with his plasma blowtorch and lava sphere shooter! His flaming shell protects him from almost any attack! He's gonna be one tough nut to crack! Blast through security systems with the plasma blowtorch and back-mounted fuel cells! Armed with lava sphere shooter Equipped with flaming spike shell Mask includes eye-mounted multi-purpose laser scope Stands over 8' (21cm) tall

    2235-1: Fire Lord
    Lead your army of villains to steal the hero-pod fuel!

    Code red alert! Fire Lord, the evil leader of the fire villains, is breaking into Tanker Station 22. He and his band of hot-heads are stealing hero-pod fuel to power their weapons. Watch out for his lava sphere shooter and lava flame thrower. This villain's lava armor is nearly impossible to penetrate. Exercise extreme caution! Scare the heroes with arm-mounted lava blaster and hand-held lava sphere shooter! Navigate lava flows with ease using tripod feet! Heavily armored with articulated claw lava armor and mechanical, flaming shoulder plates Stands over 10' (26cm) tall

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